‘Stigmata’ by Véronique L’Hoste

Véronique L'Hoste - Stigmata

For her series ‘Stigmata’, Véronique L’Hoste took a journey into her family history, the history of the Second World War, and into the trauma of captivity. Taken on the Normandy coast between 2014 and 2015, her afterimages search for the impressions left on the landscape by the military events of 1944.


“I went along the Picardy and Normandy coasts in France to start a photographic study for the ‘Stigmata’ series. I focused on the shoreline, its vegetation, and the landscape that witnessed the Second World War.


After reading my paternal grandfather’s diary, hand-written between 1939 and 1945, I seized parts of his story before he became a prisoner and experienced the painful loss of liberty. Scribbled and crossed out, his words were hidden–just like his diary, secretly buried for decades in an old wardrobe.


A special atmosphere penetrates the photographs in this series, which is built around associations in the composition, colors, and ideas, instead of a chronological succession of images. Photographs from my family’s archive and my own work, deliberately unprocessed or presented as self-portraits, are collected in this body of work. Dressed in white, a disappearing human figure evokes emotions linked to remembrance and meditation. The white color is a symbol for silence and the broad spectrum of the soul but also embodies the eternal cycle of revival and rebirth.” – Véronique L’Hoste


Véronique L’Hoste - Stigmata

Véronique L’Hoste - Stigmata












About Verónique:

Véronique L’Hoste was born in 1980 and graduated from the Art College of Metz, France, in 2004. Her photographic work explores the genres of portrait, performance, and landscape. Fascinated by images, colors, and inventions, her photographs meditate on the notions of identity and the human condition. Since 2009, Véronique has taken part in several international exhibitions, such as the 16th International Biennial of the Image in Nancy, France, the 25th Festival of the Photographers Travelers in Bordeaux, France, the Athens Festival Photo in Athens, Greece, and Photonic Moments – Month of Photography Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is now finishing her Multimedia studies at the University of Toulouse II, where she also teaches Art History and Applied Arts. You can find out more about her work here.


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