‘Sunny’ by Dagmar Kolatschny

Dagmar Kolatschny’s series ‘Sunny’ is an examination of sunlight and how it manifests itself in our daily life experiences. It is about the extraordinary in the everyday, about colors and shapes, experience and perception. A collection of fleeting moments captured in banal, dusty areas of Berlin.


“Let us be happy when the sun rises and its beautiful light is here. Gas light may go out, electric light, too. People get up when the alarm clock rattles, a new day has begun. If it was April 8th yesterday, it is the 9th today, if it was Sunday, it is now Monday. The year has not changed, nor the month, but a change has occurred nevertheless. The world has rolled ahead. The sun has risen. It is not certain what this sun is. Astronomers concern themselves a great deal with this body. According to them, it is the central body of our planetary system; for our earth is only a small planet, and what, indeed are we? When the sun rises like that and we are glad, we should really be sad, for what are we, anyway; the sun is 300,000 times greater than the earth; and what a host of numbers and zeros there still are, and all they have to say is this: we are but a zero, nothing at all, just nothing. Simply ridiculous, isn‘t it, to be happy over that. And yet, we are glad when the beautiful light is here, white and strong, and when it comes into the streets; and in the rooms all the colors awaken, and faces are there, human features. It is agreeable to touch shapes with one‘s hands, but it is a joy to see, to see, to see, to see colors and lines. And we are glad, now we can show what we are, we act, we live. We are also glad in April for that bit of warmth, how glad the flowers are that they can grow! Surely that must be an error, a mistake, those terrible numbers with all the zeros.”  – Alfred Döblin, Berlin Alexanderplatz



“Most of the photographs I took from 2011 to 2013 in neglected areas of Berlin, where I live, with an analog 35mm camera. For me, not the very special and obvious but negligibilities and ordinariness contain a lot of potential. That’s why I’m inspired by customary things, places or persons, by boundaries and edges. For my pictures, I seek out places that resonate with me, where there is a special interaction between my surroundings and me. These places might appear messy at first glance. In them, traces of past are left to their own devices. But the privacy and quietness they offer are important for me to work and to interact with them. The challenge I have set myself is to find something neglected, something negligible – to then convert it into something personal and special. I want viewers to have the same experiences I have when taking the photographs. The photographs are therefore carriers of a shared experience: brief, fleeting moments in time when the light brings out something that will be gone soon after.” – Dagmar Kolatschny



About Dagmar:

Dagmar Kolatschny studied Educational Science, Psychology, and Sociology at Freie Universität Berlin. Until 2006 she developed computer games for children as a project manager, concepter and script writer. She studied photography at VHS Kreuzberg and at Ostkreuzschule Berlin. In 2013 she graduated from the MFA program in Photography at Hartford Art School, USA. She lives in Berlin and works in the field graphics, illustration, and photography. Dagmar is interested in exploring the neglected and converting it into something unique in her images. Much of her work is inspired by found photographs; by searching for visual treasure in piles of discarded photographs, she searches for images that explore and evolve her visual language. You can find out more about the work here.


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