‘Stonework’ by Lucy Bentham

Lucy Bentham photography

‘Stonework’, by Lucy Bentham, is an on-going series within a larger project exploring the female artist in the domestic space and the sublime in the natural landscape.


“The stones have been provided by my partner from business trips and are symbolic of his freedom. They are returned to me in the isolation of the domestic space where they metamorphose into signifiers of grounding myself in their places of origin.


The majority of my work is conceptually driven, revolving around personal themes, seeking a sense of belonging, and reflecting on life’s transitions. Influenced by the world around me, I often comment on the personal significance of ostensibly mundane circumstances to form a narrative as an observer and occasional participant. My key interests are the female artist, the imagination, landscape, and the juxtaposition of the written word and the photographic image.” – Lucy Bentham






About Lucy:

Lucy Bentham works with primarily analogue photography, not limiting her work to a particular category or style. Lucy achieved her BA in Photography from the University of the West of England and an MA in Photography and the book from the University of Plymouth, taught by Jem Southam, Liz Wells, Liz Nicol and David Chandler. Lucy has won an “IdeasTap Innovators Award” for her curation and has been showing work internationally in galleries and publications since 2011. Lucy is from Somerset, UK and is currently living and working in West Sussex.




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