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Born in Athens, Greece. Living in Cape Town, South Africa.


So, Kelly, What is your story?

I guess many stories begin with places. I grew up in Maputo, Mozambique, from when I was three up until eighteen. I climbed more trees than I can remember and practically lived underwater. From there I moved to Cape Town for the university where I studied Psychology and Philosophy. My studies interested me, might lead into the field of psychology in later years, but as of right now I’m focusing on photography and the arts.


Why do you make the art you make? Why Photography?

I’ve always struggled to acknowledge my reality. This isn’t about horrible circumstances, but rather it’s seemed like a distant dream or another universe. Photography for me is like a magnet to the visual world; it grounds me.


What does your creative process look like? Where do you find inspiration?

Much of my inspiration comes from other art; their colors might elicit an emotion in me, especially if the tones are working well together. The past few weeks I’ve been in my grandmother’s house in Athens, and I’m finding a fascination with various charming objects or corners. For instance, I noticed a beautiful faux-gold tea set that I can imagine being used in a portrait. In my head, the subject, against a blue background, would be pouring out some sand onto their arm. In general, though, it’s color I relate to the most. If it resonates with me, then it makes me feel connected to the world and makes me want to create.



What makes you most excited about what you do?

The greatest thrill for me is shooting on film. I feel this extraordinary drive, knowing I have a numbered limit, to capture something special. There is no other sensation like it. I also love to edit the tones of my images in an ostranenie manner. In other words, to edit the images to present reality in a strange way.


What are your thoughts on being an artist in today’s world?

There exists an appreciation for all kinds of art these days. New forms continue to develop, and more and more space is being made for art. It’s quite special. And if you’re lucky in this beautiful ocean of the art world, you can live from what you love.


Last but not least, what did you dream about last night?

I remember being in a Baroque style hotel, with gold finishings, areca palms, and black and white checkered floors. I would enter an elevator and exist on an identical level, yet it was somehow different.






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