‘IS’ by Paula Prats

Paula Prats Photography

Combining conceptual photography and minimal aesthetics, Paula Prats’ series “IS” explores the elements and shades that make up the Icelandic scenery. Originally from Spain, travel has always played a key role in Paula’s artistic practice, constantly fuelling her creativity and eventually becoming her own way of experiencing the world. Through simple and sophisticated compositions, Paula presents her subjective impressions of a foreign country and invites us to join her personal journey into the mysteries of Iceland’s landscape.




“In her series “’IS”, Paula Prats enters into a world of whites, almost imperceptible to the untrained eye, which highlights even more the small details, including touches of color. There is a duality and ambiguity in her pictures, what you see and what you feel about the images is not always the same.


“IS” are not only the initials of the country where the photographs were taken, Iceland, but it originally means “ice” in Icelandic, the undisputed star of this work. In it, the desire to know and to live in a different culture and vitality is palpable. Prats is constantly looking for the experience of the new in order to catch it in an instant.”
















About Paula:

Paula Prats is a Spanish photographer who received a BA from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in 2011. Her interest in photography and traveling led her to expand her studies in the universities of Emily Carr Art+Design in Vancouver and Middlesex University of London. In 2012, she obtained a grant to work at the National Museum of Photography in Reykjavik. Her work has been exhibited individually and collectively participating in shows in Spain, Canada, Mexico and Iceland and has been featured online in sites like Phases Mag, Aint-Bad, and Thisispaper.




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