‘Similarities’ by Lana Bregar

Lana Bregar - Similarities


“The project ‘Similarities’ occurred me long ago on a basis of weekly visits to my grandparents. It was realized in a summer vacation as, after a long time, I decided to spend more time with them as in the old days when I was a child.


I remember how I was looking forward to the long annual visits during the summer holidays. I used to get the best candies that melt in your mouth and a new Barbie. Besides my satisfaction, they were also overjoyed because, like any grandparents, they care for their grandchildren. It sounds like I am a materialist, but in fact, I was only ten and I didn’t know how to differentiate the gifts from the moral support.


‘Similarities’ creates something unique, something that will remind me of the grandparents long after they are gone. Although there is no human life depicted, no portraits, one can still sense life. These are recorded everyday moments, excerpts from their lives. These scenes have occurred on a daily basis over the past few years, and I have committed myself to show them as they are, with no idealization. Therefore, my compositions are a representation of how things are in reality.


Although both families live less than a five-minute walk from each other, they have different lives and decoration styles. In this series, I tried to approach the similarities in their lives on their own terms as, after all, they do have something in common: me (and my brother Maj).


‘Similarities’ was born from my memories of my two families in my long-short life. So I also want to thank my grandparents for all the encouragement, support, great days, good lunches and pastries, all babysitting” at a young age, the bought toys and the many ancillary elements, which they are not even aware of.” – Lana Bregar











About Lana:

Lana Bregar (1998) is a Slovenian artist finishing her studies at the Secondary School of Design and Photography in Ljubljana. Lana’s practice is an investigation of photographs and videos as imagery. She is interested in questioning the idea of ‘truth’ in a fictional space, in reconstructing (new) perspectives and in expanding the possibilities of a different reality. You can find out more about her work here.


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