‘Skin’ by Julie van der Vaart

Julie van der Vaart photography


Departing from an intuitive and experimental approach, Dutch photographer Julie van der Vaart plays with image combinations and free associations to explore how contexts of presentation affect our perception of the photographic image.


Recurring subjects within Julie’s work are nature and the human body. She sees the human form as a vehicle of feeling and thought and is not interested in the literal representation of a particular person. For her, the body stands for humanity as a whole.


The associations between the human body and nature are what really interest her. The meaning of an image shifts when placed next to another, changing its energy. Images of bodies are combined with images of flowing water or forms in nature which remind us of body parts. What is hidden in one image is suggested in the other. Julie wanted to make a series concentrating only on these two subjects and their interrelation to tell a story about sensuality.
















About Julie:

Julie van der Vaart is a photographic artist and educator, born in Maastricht, The Netherlands, in 1988. After finishing her Masters in Photography and in Art and Design, she started a one-year residency at the Jan van Eyck Academy in April 2016. During her stay, she focussed on the production of artist publications. “Skin” is one of the projects realized during that time, and it is presented as a series of photographs as well as a self-published book.




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