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Tiffany Graham - Exist

What does it mean to be a woman in 2017? How do women artists deal with issues of female identity and the perceptions of the female body? What about the indulgence of sensuality? With these questions in mind, American photographer Tiffany Graham put together Exist, an all women’s exhibition showcasing works by thirteen international artists. Ahead of the opening this week at Mainœuvre Gallery in Berlin, we spoke to Tiffany about her ideas for this show and her experience as an artist and curator.



Marina Trancoso: Hi Tiffany! Can you tell us about your background and how did you arrive at where you are now?


Tiffany Graham: I grew up with hippie parents and had a supportive background that fed my dreams of becoming an artist. I did not go to art school but apprenticed with an artist from Bali in Los Angeles. Then I took a trip to Europe to expand my horizons and met my now husband. We lived in Europe for 5 years and now are living in America.



MT: How did the idea to make the ‘Exist’ exhibition come about?


TG: I have always believed in the support of each other with a community mindset. Exist was a way to make an idea of artists coming together without judgment and competition.  Also, living in this world as a woman has its many diversities including sexuality/sensuality.  The deep shame behind this has become a much-needed topic.



MT: How would you describe the ‘Exist’ exhibition to your visitors?


TG: The undressing of what it is to be sensual as a woman, the power that lives in all of us and how we each explore it. Sensuality has a history of shame and secrecy. I want to shed light on our lost desires.



MT: As a curator, what does your creative process look like? How do you find artists and how do they find you?


TG: First, my idea has to rattle around a bit, I need to allow time to make all my thoughts come to a standstill and feel my topic. I then have a vision board with how I want it to look as a whole, how I want my show to feel and if it comes across. I use sites like Artconnect Berlin to help me with the artists.



MT: Please tell us more about your own photographic work. What is your art about?


TG: I like the human relationship with nature. I also like to shoot nude for I feel it’s more honest, more vulnerable, and nothing is hidden. The 60s has always been an undercurrent in my work.



MT: How does your work as a photographer influences your work as a curator, and vice-versa?


TG: I would say it helps my ability to visualize, or how I see things as a whole. My photography is not affected by choice. I don’t like too much thought behind it when I take photos, but more to see a moment and capture it.








MT: What makes you most excited about what you do?


TG: That I get to be around beautiful people who share this love that I do. I love when you step back and see it from a wider perspective and how much this is not about me but about us all.



MT: What future plans are you working on?


TG:I have a few things on my plate right now:  I’m doing a show later this year in Denver. I’m also opening a mobile artisan shop in a 1940s trailer that will support different artists, homemade goods, and other unique finds. I want to bring this ideology of group support into a reality.



“EXIST” – curated by Tiffany Graham
12.05 – 18.05.2017

Opening performance and video installation by Maya Petrovna & Ana Marija Marinov

Photography, painting, and sculpture by Irene Cruz, Anto Christ, Sopo Kashakashuili, Stine Marie Olstad, Maya Petrovna, Aurora Del Rio, Tiffany Graham, Andrea Riba, Ursula Mestre, Lena Ader and Sinead Loftus.


Mainœuvre Gallery
Meraner Straße 10
10825 Berlin
Opening hours: We – Fr: 4 – 10 pm, Sa + Su 3 – 7 pm



All Rights Reserved. © Tiffany Graham

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