‘Apache Palace’ by Elise Boularan

Elise Boularan photography


French photographer Elise Boularan does not shy away from the world. Concerned with the human reality of our time, her images are turned to the story and loaded with ellipses and silences.


In ‘Apache Palace (Fragments and Projections)’, Elise intends to build an interpretation where something deaf and indefinable is present; always trying to reveal what can be secret about the individual. She deliberately uses a refined vocabulary and a language without any flourish; a combination of images from the everyday life with a degree of abstraction that erase all references points.


This is a series marked by ambiguity in the form of fragments, strata, and combinations: “These representations are like some clues of an enigma, and they conjugate or oppose some meanings.”, says Elise. Her practice takes place in research and experimentation: “I’m attracted by the non-formulated, which is of the unspeakable, the secret. How to make visible by the image what is hidden? How to put forward this invisible gesture?”. These are the fundamental questions that articulate her work.











About Elise:

Born in 1984 in Narbonne, France, Elise Boularan grew up in the South of France and has a Master’s degree in Creation and Artistic Research from the University of Toulouse. She currently lives between Paris and Toulouse, pursuing a career as a photographic artist. She has been published extensively and has exhibited in Europe and the USA, notably in Madrid, Denmark, and New York, as well as the French Institute of Ukraine, The Museum of New Art in Detroit; and the Instituto Cultural de México San Antonio. Elise also works also for international and national press and collaborates with musicians and other artists, making the universe of songs match perfectly with her poetical vision. She is a member of Hans Lucas Agency in Paris.




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