‘Libro di famiglia’ by Elena Capra

Elena Capra photography

“Libro di famiglia” is the imaginal narration of 40 years of marriage, is the metaphor of an evolution, of the abrasion of everyday life. Day after day small gestures become motifs and objects become symbols, pieces of a life together that is spent apart.” – Elena Capra


Elena Capra’s series deals with habits, traditions and small gestures typical of Italian families. Greatly influenced by Luigi Ghirri, the themes and subjects she explores belong to a specific and intimate context in which the “warmth of the non-extraordinary” is the central element. Depicting nostalgia at its purest, her highly symbolic photographs cut across aesthetic research and geographic contexts, expanding from personal to universal experiences of closeness and belonging.


“I am interested in perception, people’s instinct of classifying all their surroundings and therefore identity”, explains Elena. “My projects are not about finding my own identity, although the experience resulted from it certainly influences my personal position.” This series is also available as a photobook, self-published in 2013.
























About Elena:

Elena Capra, born 1984 in Asti (IT), pursued a BA in Visual Art in Italy and moved to Germany in 2006, where she continued her studies in Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and at the Ostkreuzschule in Berlin. In 2017 she graduated in Fine Art at the AKV St. Joost Master Institute in Breda/Hertogenbosch (NL). Her work touches upon the themes of languages and reproduction through her reflections about norms and standard averages in relation to the perception of everyday life and living space.




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