‘Vulcano’ by Daniele Queiroz

Daniele Queiroz Vulcano


“Vulcano was the name given to a hypothetical planet thought to exist between Mercury and the Sun in the nineteenth century. The name came from the Greco-Roman god of fire and volcanic eruptions, who grew up on the island of Lemnos, near to the center of a volcano, forging weapons for the other gods of Olympus.


In the Atacama Desert, in Chile, full of volcanoes and with the imposing presence of nature over man, the Vulcan series appears, dealing with forces that, although hidden under the earth, replace man as a fragile being, lost in this unknown planet-space.


In ‘Vulcano’ the mountain is always present, remembering that beneath the Earth there are forces determining the life and time of the landscape.” – Daniele Queiroz



Daniele Queiroz Vulcano











About Daniele:

Daniele Queiroz holds a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of São Paulo. She is now completing a master degree at the same university, focusing on representation and imagery from photography and cinema. She currently works as a photographer and researcher at the University of São Paulo. Daniele began to take photographs in 2011 and, since then, her work has been featured in several exhibitions and publications. Her photographic universe is about the female body and relationships of memory, nostalgia, and sensuality linked to the natural landscape, be it through water, mountains, horses, deserts or backlands. She works mostly (but not only) with analog photography, due to the involvement with the chemical processes that film photography brings, from developing to printing. She is also interested in mixing digital and analog techniques, and in creating imagery with diverse forms of representations. You can find out more about Daniele’s work here.


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