‘Untitled’ by Dana Marks

Dana Marks Photography

The images of Milwaukee-based artist Dana Marks pay tribute to the unconventional beauty of Jones Island, home to the city’s salt storage and water reclamation facilities. Resembling the approach of a visual sociologist, Dana documents this desolate area in minimal, wistful compositions for her new, on-going photographic series.


“This series is one of my newest projects, it is currently untitled and is still ongoing. Since October 2016 I have been re-exploring an area of Milwaukee called Jones Island, which is home to both the city’s road salt storage facilities and our water reclamation plant. While there is a high amount of traffic during the week, Sunday afternoons are often very quiet and I often find myself going there to spend time alone. I began a series documenting the area several years ago but stopped as it didn’t feel like it was going anywhere and, after a long break, I decided to take a look at it with fresh eyes. This time the images began clicking; the mood, atmosphere, colors, and aesthetic started feeling more like the portrait I’ve always wanted to capture. Bleak, lost in time, and the looming stillness were all qualities that attracted me there in the first place, and here I think they are projected clearly and in a manner that incites the viewer’s curiosity.” – Dana Marks






Dana Marks Photography










About Dana:

Dana Marks is a Milwaukee-based artist who uses photography to explore ideas of time, place, identity, and memory. She earned her BFA in photography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2016 and has exhibited her work in local and national settings. She utilizes both film and advanced digital manipulation techniques, hoping to blend a sense of moody timelessness to the surreal and upended realities created in her work. You can see more of her work here.


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