‘Difficult Goddess’ by Christina Hudson

Christina Hudson ‘Difficult Goddess’

Life in a big city may sometimes be a puzzling experience. While some of us don’t feel as if we are actually living unless we are doing it in a large metropolis, high living expenses, traffic, and pollution are just a few of the downsides of being a city dweller.


‘Difficult Goddess’, by Christina Hudson, is a series that explores the complexities of urban belonging in contemporary Athens. Over the last three years, Christina captured the different faces of the city, creating a portrait that integrates the paradoxes and mysteries of her hometown. Drawing a parallel with the personality of goddess Athena, Zeus’ favorite child and patroness of the Greek capital, her photographs embody what seems to be the essence of this city: a mix of blunt roughness and discreet elegance.


“Athens, Greece, is a standout city that fascinates and repels in equal measure. Much like the goddess Athena (patroness of the capital city), Athens can be rather unapproachable and lacking in compassion, but it is also vibrant and uniquely alluring.  It has always been a city of contradictions and extremes. Add the current crisis to that mix and you can see why one might need photography to make the big picture more manageable by breaking it up into smaller pieces. It is my hope that one day I will have enough pieces of the puzzle to make up a complete picture of Athens, which is nothing if not multilayered, with layers both beautiful and ugly.” – Christina Hudson


Christina Hudson ‘Difficult Goddess’


Christina Hudson ‘Difficult Goddess’







About Christina:

A Pittsburgher by birth, Christina Hudson is also half Greek and has, so far, spent most of her life in Athens, the capital city of Greece. Photography helps her map out the world and her life and “make sense of it all in its wonderful weirdness, in the pain and joy it brings, the confusion and the noise, the ordinary and the extraordinary moments, which are sometimes hard to tell apart.” Christina holds a BA in English Language and Literature and has worked as a teacher and editor. She lives with her family in Athens and likes to make photographs as often as she can. You can find out more about her work here.


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