‘Edging, GA’ by Anna Brody

In her series ‘Edging, GA’, American photographer Anna Brody creates and documents a fictional place. Using real portraits and real landscape photographs, her made-up, transient small town functions as a visual manifestation of longing, contentment, the inevitability of unattainable desires.


“‘Edging, GA’ is an ongoing project simultaneously creating and documenting a place that doesn’t really exist. Time passes slowly here, at a speed that allows for close examinations of bugs and bones and openings, and it exists only at sunrise and sunset. Challenges are presented, obstacles overcome, hearts ache, things and people get old and die. It is of this world, but filed down to a smooth bevel, corners rounded. Though Edging is not a real place, it’s very close – more mirage than fantasy. It’s something you can really see that looks tangible from far away no matter whether you’re looking backwards or forwards, but as soon as you get close it disappears. This golden world is one of the many fictions of pages, screens, and songs that are arguably all based on true stories, and they are never meant to be within reach. By the time you got there, it would be dirty, you would be tired, and you still couldn’t touch your shadow or make a sunset stay.


Longing, loneliness and the desire to fill our holes and gaps and close our distances is one of the most compelling forces in life, and the feeling of edging towards the fulfillment of your desire is often better than the fulfillment itself – that is assuming fulfillment itself is even possible. I don’t know yet if these are the right words for these feelings or just some words I learned that fit the best. I don’t know if the people in my pictures are the ones who have made themselves comfortable and warm in these feelings or if they are the ones who are just as scared of them as I am. Maybe the people in my pictures are the ones who also don’t know what to call it, and also use “lonely” or some other inadequate descriptor to give it a name. Maybe, though, there is no word, and I’m getting closer to being a person who isn’t searching for it. Maybe that’s what I’m taking pictures of – people and things that are also almost there, who have almost kicked over the rock under which it has been hiding, or are almost done looking.” – Anna Brody


















About Anna:

Anna Brody is a photographer currently studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. Her work focuses primarily on longing, loneliness, contentment, cyclical mood shifts, and escapism, all as represented by or found within the social and built landscape. She also likes to take pictures of other people whose feelings she can see out loud. Since 2014 Anna has been an editorial assistant with Aint-Bad, an independent publisher of new photographic art. Her work has been shown in exhibitions throughout the U.S., and her ongoing series ‘Edging, GA’ was most recently awarded as a winner of the 2017 PDN Photo Annual.




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